Hot tips for your business from one of our 100 Faces of Small Business

Are you a small business owner who knows you should be on social media, but isn’t? Or you dabble and post every now and then? You’re not alone. One of the biggest challenges is they don’t know “Where to Start”. 

With most things if you really want to be effective you need commitment and a plan.  A social media strategy will help you with both of those.  A strategy will guide you on everything you do and hope to achieve on social media. 

So “Where Do You Start”?  These are the first 3-steps to getting started with your social media strategy.
Annabel Sullivan and Susan Davis of
Strategic Social Profiles

1. Set social media goals
If you don’t have goals, you need to define and set them for each platform you’re on. Goals let you benchmark your success in increments.

2. Undertake a social media audit
Do you know if you’ve filled out all the areas of your Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn page? Are your contact details correct? Is your product range up-to-date? If not, you need to do an audit and update what needs to be updated.

3. Do a competitor review
What are your competitors up to? Are they running a sale or event that your customers may be interested in? Reviewing what they’re up to helps you see what’s going on in your industry and where your potential customers may be being convinced to go!

About Strategic Social Profiles
Strategic Social Profiles was established in 2015 to assist busy professionals and small business owners with their social media profiles and social media strategies.

Strategic Social Profiles brings together two professionals Annabel Sullivan and Susan Davis who have excelled in their respective industries of Tourism and Business Events and Broadcast, Publication and Digital Media. They have combined expertise in sales, marketing, training, and building business networks and a genuine commitment to delivering excellent customer service.

In May 2018, Strategic Social Profiles was selected to be part of Queensland Government’s 100 Faces of Small Business. Hear their story at